High Tech Shouldn't Mean High Cost

Our Vision

Evolve the delivery of care

OrthoFundamentals was created to drive down the cost of orthopedic care by delivering efficiencies throughout the patient journey. We deliver a suite of implants and procedural kits which are specifically tailored to the needs of outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs).

High quality at low costs

We embrace advanced technology. From revolutionary additive manufacturing methods to novel surface treatments designed to enhance osteointegration, we innovate new products to drive down costs, not to charge a premium.

Biologically driven

We keep the patient and physician at the forefront of our process. We thoughtfully apply orthopedic industry knowledge to our medical devices and procedural kits to reduce infection risk, improve device performance, and save everyone time and cost along the way.

303 Wyman Road
Suite 300
Waltham, MA 02145