Biologically Inspired Implants




Streamlined, intuitive, and cost effective

Developed by thought leaders in Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, and Pain Management, the OrthoFundamentals suite of implants and instrument kits are a great alternative to the traditional bulky instrumentation solutions provided by traditional medical device manufacturers.

A new way of building

Additive manufacturing has created a new pathway for medical device creation. Leveraging Electron Beam Melting (EBM) allows for unique lattice structures to be built, layer by layer, balancing mechanical strength with pre-defined surface characteristics.

Designed to optimize osteointegration

Recent studies have shown that additively manufactured orthopedic implants created through EBM have significantly higher bone-to-implant contact than conventionally machined screws.  Additionally, new bone growth is evident at earlier time points compared to conventionally machined screws.

OrthoTrellis Anodizing TechnologyTraditional Machined Titanium

EBM additive manufacturing and the addition of a novel anodization process across the Trellis™ platform creates a macrostructure, microstructure, and nanostructured texture with calcium and phosphorus ions present in the oxide layer.

Observe the Trellis platform using a scanning electron microscope image of at 300x, 20,000x, and 80,000x magnification and compare that to a traditional machined orthopedic implant.







One patient, one instrument

Single-use instrumentation removes the inefficiencies of traditional reusable kits by removing lost productivity, lowering surgical site infections, lowering sterilization costs and always ensuring against missing or damaged items. 

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